Hudson Flower Shop - Worst Experience Possible

Not resolved

First I was charged $50 for a corsage because they "selling me a lifetime piece of quality jewelry and an experience" that lasted LITERALLY 5 minutes on my wrist before 3/4 flowers had fallen off.I then go back the next day where the owner Shelly yelled at me in front of other customers (which left with disgusted faces), and summed it all up by saying I was not worthy of her pieces.....I am 17 years old and handled this with more style and grace then the 50+year old owner.

I was not the only one that had returned by corsage from the day before either, there was 3 other couples from my school alone that also had a terrible experience with the flowers, and the owners.The corsages from the grocery store in town that were $10 looked and held up better then hers.

Review about: Florist.

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